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The Field of Mars was used for many years as a training ground for guards' regiments, and parades on it were immortalized by dozens of Russian painters and poets.

The Emperor Paul was particularly partial to military parades on the Field of Mars, and had his official residence - the Mikhailovsky Castle - built on the other side of it from Catherine's Palace.

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Carry on round the Church, then cross the Moika, and the Field of Mars is in front of you. News of their pardon only caught up with them when they reached Novgorod.

In a statement to Herald and News Friday, owner Robert Gordon said the gates to the facility would be closed and maintenance would cease indefinitely starting Monday due to the costs of upkeep.

When informed of this, Nealy said she was furious because the only reason she could see for the closure was mismanagement.“This is horrible,” she said.“It was once a beautiful, beautiful place,” she continued.

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