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While this is a smart way to do your taxes and manage your checkbook, it usually isn’t the best in the dating realms.It’s the time of year when opportunities to travel together come up for both new and more seasoned couples. Adult-geared trips for sports and space have been around for years (the Reds Fantasy camp has been a local staple), and getaways to the culinary, yoga and dating realms have emerged in the past decade.This experience primarily started on the coasts, but is spreading across the country with close to 900 registered adult camps in the United States.And don't worry about checking for rocks underneath.No matter how hard you smooth out the ground, at least one sharp object is finding its way on the path.Then add in about 1/3 cup of the infused milk and the lemon juice.

These camps give an outlet for adults aiming to relive the glory days, turning the clock back to to an age of innocence. Rather, these are the stereotypical, bunk-bed sharing, middle-of-the-woods experiences that come to mind when conjuring up the concept of summer camp. However, the trips in question are not aimed at a specific pursuit or hobby.Is it a relief, a comfort, that we feel so perpetually renewed by the feeling of love, that we open our hearts again and again, that we build someone up, that we’re completely fascinated and want ? I thought it was about time I just grew up and got over my romantic notions and got with reality.Relationships will disappoint you if you let them remain part of some watery province of melodrama.

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