Drake dating mj

"One Dance," his simmering dancehall banger, leads the Hot 100 singles chart; and "Billie Jean" ruled their respective roosts back in 1983 – has sparked comparisons between the two that seem, on their face, a bit hyperbolic.

"Drake Is Now Officially as Popular as Michael Jackson Was During ," a breathless Vulture headline announced, while Digital Music News broke out a comparison to Elvis.

I’m glad we can ring in 2013 together celebrating all things Shahs. But don’t let her high fashion, pretentious exterior fool you. All she really wants is “to come home to somebody else’s face that she can touch, hug and kiss” … We finally get to see pictures of the infamous Ali this episode. ” I need to pull an MJ and cyber stalk, I mean investigate this further. Lilly, I have to say, ”he’s just not that into you! I was SHOCKED when MJ called GG to tell her she wasn’t invited to her birthday party. She had to do it to repair her relationship with Reza and she did the right thing as hard as it was.

"She's someone I've been in love with since I was 22-years-old," he Ri-revealed.

Similarly, radio statistics were tracked with playlists and not actual spins until 1992, when the Hot 100 incorporated Broadcast Data Systems' airplay tracking.

(And even those moves toward hard data have aced out smaller players in the game.) Since those first two switch-ups, America's albums and singles charts have been tweaked to more fully represent the ways in which people were consuming music en masse; songs not released as singles became eligible for the Hot 100 in 1998, and digital track sales were added to the chart's mix in 2005.

Is Drake, undeniably a huge global star, someone who can make careers and who can turn his lint-rolling habits into an elaborate meme, really "officially as popular as" the King, or the King of Pop?

The answer is probably no, in part because it largely depends on who you ask – and, more importantly, how they consume music.

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