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Their tools, weapons and games were all made of things from nature, such as stone, bone, hide, and wood.

Join guest presenter Larry Beane from Little River Canyon National Preserve for a demonstration of how Native Americans utilized natural resources to hunt and gather food, to make weapons, to start fires, what games they played, Date: Saturday, August 19, 2017Time: Demonstrations throughout the day ( am – pm)Where: De Soto State Park-Fort Payne, Alabama.

There were no immediate attempts to locate the source of this copper.

However, prior to 1800 there were limited attempts to locate the source of the native copper that was spoken of by explorers and indians of the region.

Have you ever thought about who the first metal miners and metal workers in North America were?

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As a result generations of Native Americans witnessed a dramatic change in the climate, environment, and the shape of the land.

Authentic arrow kit contains all natural materials for making your own replica of a Plains Indian arrow.

Events In & Around De Soto State Park Native American Tools & Weapons The Native American people who lived in our local area had a good life.

Icy glaciers that still covered much of Canada were slowly receding northward, leaving a landscape that resembled a treeless arctic tundra.

The lives of the Native Americans were closely tied to the environment, and survival required an extensive knowledge of the land and what it could provide.

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