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Well in my case so far it's working fine but I have no idea how I do process files and how do I move the files when they have been uploaded.Is there a way to process the uploaded files immediately or do I need to read the saved files afterwards?In my particular case, I was uploading the images from a React Native app via the react-native-image-picker, to an endpoint on my express server, and then on to Google Cloud.And that URL can be accessed directly in the browser, serving up the image publicly for use within your application. I hope this helped you to continue on your journey to creating something awesome.Might be a hexadecimal time stamp or so but I need a more explicit name in order to call a script on it later.I've followed the explanation found here but it doesn't do anything more than it used to: uploading the file with the hexa name.

This project is mostly an integration piece for existing code samples from Multer's storage engine documentation with s3fs as the substitution piece for file system.I use Google Cloud because the dashboard is really nice to navigate, it‘s directly connected with Google’s API’s , and services are easy to configure and start up.Here is the section of Google Cloud’s docs that I followed.Enthusiast performance, responsive design and usability, always looking for the best project and good coffee. In my blog, I plan to write not only about development but also about my other hobbies and interests.Love Java Script and Java Script Full Stack Development.

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