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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF.: With Thursday's Emmy nominations reactions flurry dying down, the Television Critics Association summer TV press tour Friday settled back into the odd mixtures of topics and guests that illustrate just how varied TV can be.

Or, to put it another way -- at the Beverly Hilton Hotel so far today, we've heard from young people who are proud of their decisions to remain virgins into their early 20s, and open up about it in a new MTV show, "Virgin Territory"; seen clips from a new VH1 reality show, "Dating Naked," which is about exactly what that title describes; and heard Le Ann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian talk about how their new unscripted VH1 show, "Le Ann & Eddie" is a reaction to getting so much attention. Some tidbits from the morning so far: * MTV programming president Susanne Daniels announced that the cable channel has ordered a 10-episode series based on Terry Brooks' bestselling "Shannara" series of fantasy novels; "Catfish: The TV Show" is returning for Season 4; also returning for new seasons are "Are You the One?

Musicians Lydia Jazmine and Geosteady’s romance is bearing fruits.During their first romantic encounter in the buff on the beach, the pair confess that they don’t know where to look but make a great effort to keep their eyes above neck level.Stripping off, Joe admits: ‘I’m most worried about about getting a little excited, you know?They are behind the chart topping ballad ‘same way’- a song that has won the hearts of many local music lovers. The two singers are said to be dating and that the collabo song is a product of their romance.“Geosteady has always been interested in Jasmine since way back.

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