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However, she often confounds peoples expectations, and particularly those within the LGBT commnity, when she refuses to lable, or let other people define, her sexuality.It's a funny thing when actors complain, like, "I didn't ask for this; I just wanted to act." Well, in a perfect world we'd all just be able to act and none of this would be part of it, but it is a part of it—this is part of it—and on some level, it comes with the territory.Shepard has movies with Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Diane Keaton, Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Mc Conaughey in the pipeline, so his face will be popping up on the big screen throughout the coming year.Jessica Lange brought the old time glamour and Susan Sarandon wore the pants at the LA premiere of their new FX series Feud.

Lange and Shepard, who made their home in upstate New York, have two kids together, almost-26-year-old Hanna Jane Shepard and 24-year-old Samuel Walker Shepard. But you have a story about two women together or two men together and all of a sudden it becomes fair game and assumptions are made that are just never made in the reverse, and I just think it's terribly unfair. On the eve of Is anyone asking George Clooney what he likes about having sex with a woman? It's a foregone conclusion that it's just an acceptable reality and nobody thinks to bother to ask.They seem, however, to have made an exception for each other.“It would never occur to me that Sam would be unfaithful,” Lange told in 1991.

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