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You've always been very helpful to me with learning clock repair and restoration.

I have a happily running (and very accurate) Seth Thomas beehive mantel clock that I got running again due to your help. Is a disassembly and cleaning the very best way to proceed? I did adjust the crutch to be approximately in beat (without suspension) which immediately started wagging rapidly like a dog with a bobbed tail. I found their website is active and they're located in Amherst, Virginia:

Gebr Junghans Uhrenfabrik was established by Erhard Junghans with Franz Xaver in 1861 in the Black Forest, making parts for clocks.

Erhard Junghans (1823-70) originally followed in his father's footsteps working as a designer in an Schramberg porcelain factory in the Black Forest.

ST, if you don't think the movement has had much use, and the dirt is just superficial dust, then blowing it out and oiling the pivots may be satisfactory.

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