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Version 8.9.552 for Camfrog Distributed Server (Released: March 2, 2017) The Camfrog Server software allows users to host video chat rooms based on user interests. On October 19, 2010, it was announced that Paltalk acquired Camfrog.

Welcome to Camfrog Video Chat Camfrog is a simple to use videoconferencing program.

Also, the buddy list is not sortable in this version. There are several rooms with “DEAF” in the room name. When starting the program, click on VIDEO CHAT ROOMS. Many rooms are for Deaf Italy, Deaf Germans, Deaf Poland, Deaf USA, Deaf Russia, Deaf Mexico, and so on. One of the moderator’s jobs is to be sure that all of the people in the room can sign.

The PRO version allows simultaneous video chats (more than one video window) at the same time. It’s okay to join a chat room from a country other than your own for friendly visits as long you can do international signs. When entering a room, a moderator (with a red or green label on their name in the buddy list) may send you a text message asking you to sign to them.

There is a freeware version of Camfrog and a pay version called Camfrog Pro.

Camfrog Pro has many more useful features including the ability to view several videos at once in a video chat room, locate other users, use text over video and many others.

Camfrog has a live directory of users, a live directory of video chat rooms, a contact list, and instant messaging.

Welcome to Camfrog Server Camfrog server allows broadband users (DSL or Cable modem) to host a multi-user videoconference on your Windows PC.BY SELECTING "I AGREE" AND CONTINUING THE INSTALLATION, BY USING THE SOFTWARE OR BY SIGNIFYING YOUR ACCEPTANCE IN ANY OTHER WAY, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT.IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO USE THE SOFTWARE AND YOU SHOULD DISCONTINUE ANY FURTHER INSTALLATION OR USE THEREOF. Camfrog grants to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use this copy of the Software solely for your personal use on any desktop or other fixed or portable computer.Version Version 6.16.603 for Windows (Released: May 05, 2017.Version 2.9.3277 for MAC (Released: April 18, 2016. Version 5.5.5519 for Android (Released: June 16, 2017).

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