Parental influence on dating

For example, programs and activities implemented to meet the needs of latchkey children have included extended-day programs in public schools, after-school hotlines, and neighborhood “block mothers” (Lamorey, Robinson, Rowland, Coleman, 1998).

Along with other unofficial programs and activities, these likely have contributed to children developing viewpoints and social comforts beyond the influences of their primary caregivers.

Consistent with the view that adolescent relationships are established in the context of important characteristics of their social networks, we examined the effects of adolescents’ experiences of parenting (psychological control and positive monitoring) and of peer aggression and victimization, on their self reports of dating victimization and aggression.

We also examined the effects of individual differences in emotional and behavioral problems.

We used questionnaire data from a population-based sample of youth 12–18 years old who were in dating relationships ( = 149).

Parental monitoring emerged as a protective factor in reducing both dating victimization and relational aggression.

She took her daughter to school, left work early to pick her up and took her to ballet classes. That is, until my friend met a guy at the beginning of the year. After spending more time together, their friendship over months became more serious and they started dating.

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For the most part, it's the two of them; it's always been that way.

Political and social struggles to create racial harmony in the U. With growing parental openness to diverse populations came increased opportunities for their children socially to interact with people of racial and ethnic backgrounds beyond their own.

Since the larger percentage of families in America live on dual-incomes (U. Census, 2004), demands of jobs and careers necessitate that children be exposed to diverse social contexts.

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