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The singer admitted to tearing up about the question, before delivering a lengthy post about his faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Fans of the singer may remember that he was baptized earlier this year before returning to the road with his band for their summer tour.

Hardly anything is known about Austin Ballard's life before or as the outbreak began.

The only thing we knew is that Austin had two brothers John and Tommy, both of them were killed in Atlanta by zombies.

One identified himself as a nurse at a local hospital.

Another, Timothy Allen, is listed as a registered sex offender who either pled guilty to or was convicted of - lewd or lascivious molestation, victim 12-15 years old, offender 18 or older in 2000; lewd or lascivious battery, victim 12-15 years old in 2006.

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"What is the first thing that inspires you to keep going? SO thankful ❤ @vicshxir @Marfan Fdn #Marfan Awareness I — Austin Carlile (@austincarlile) December 1, 2016 Elsewhere in his chat, Carlile reveals that he had over 30 major procedures and surgeries since he was born and was also very sick as a child.

He can also be seen being constantly mothered by Barbara Stern.

He ends up having a relationship with Lilly Caul and can be seen helping her throughout the novel.

Investigators worked to establish rapport with subjects and developed cases where they arranged to meet with for the purpose of sexual activity.

Investigators said the suspects explicitly sought out minors for sex.

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