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I went with full length for protection and to keep the fog lights (Quradec Smittybuilt combo w/10.5K winch) after having 4 other jeeps and trying all kinds of front bumpers, too often hit things on the trail, these new jeeps are super lightweight metal and not nearly as forgiving as my others....cutting down fenders just increases splash/rock nicks, etc... It's your jeep and do what you like, looks for me are secondary. But looking at the stock/aftermarket full width bumpers they (to me) look like they would be more prone to just folding back into your front tires if you got into a big enough fender bender.Main support are the frame rails the bumper attaches too.We had a LJR and were in a near head on collision, I can't say for sure but I'm betting my full width bumper helped.

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