Who is francois henri pinault dating proving carbon dating wrong

"Even though I struggle every moment with my own judgment of my body, I'm in touch with myself. Involve your senses in your life, and you will become sexy. If you dance terribly, still dance." PHOTOS: Salma Hayek Shows Off Insane Bikini Body Hayek adds, "It might in the moment not look sexy, but this interaction with life makes you sexy.And even if you're on a diet, enjoy your food -- please!Unless your dream crush is married to another billionaire.In that case, you better make sure that your jet is bigger, your yacht is more luxurious and your private island more exclusive.“So I was so furious and I said well obviously she’s desperate, he’s not calling her you know, should I say something? “Four hours later, we’re eating, I’m cool, I go hi, baby and everything is okay and then I go, who the hell is Elena!” Despite her husband saying he had no idea who the woman was, Hayek continued to take him to task, saying: “You tell that Elena that I speak English and you can practice your English with me because she sent you a message.” After some time, the couple finally came to the realisation that the text came from a language app he had downloaded called ELSA.Rihanna is currently dating Saudi Arabian businessman Hassan Jameel, and she’s far from the first money-making diva to bag a billionaire!Check out fellow divas like Mariah, Janet and more above who’ve all dated in the billionaire boys’ club The model has two billionaires under her belt.

Even if your dream crush is happily married, with a billion dollar bank account at your disposal there's a good chance you can make something happen.“But don’t get it because his French accent is still very strong, so ELSA doesn’t work,” Hayek concluded.WATCH: Salma Hayek and Susan Sarandon Hilariously Compare the Size of Their Cleavage at Cannes The 49-year-old actress says her marriage to the 54-year-old billionaire has been successful because they still enjoy spending time with one another.Salma Hayek had viewers on tenterhooks when she candidly recounted the stress of engaging in complex detective work to find out if her husband was having an affair.The Hollywood star spoke of how she came to think her husband François-Henri Pinault, who is a French billionaire, was taking part in some untoward deeds with a woman named Elena last week.

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