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For more information, see Using PKI on the Edge Transport Server for Domain Security.This status message indicates that the domain name in either the subject name or subject alternative name fields of the certificate does not match the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the sender or receiver domain name.To correct this error, a new certificate that matches the FQDN of the Send connector or Receive connector that tried to validate this certificate must be created.For more information, see Understanding TLS Certificates. So the error above is saying: You are asking access to something, but this something is not registered in the list of things your app is allowed to access. So just make sure that the app id has exactly the same name as your code is asking for. So for example, if I want to access Exchange online from my app, I need to ask for an access token for that resource ID, which can be represented as a URL or a Guid in most cases.For a more detailed discussion, please watch my Build 15 presentation here: https://channel9com/events/Build/2015/2-740 Translation: When you configure your AAD application on Azure, you have to set one or more reply URLs: Now when your application attempts to authenticate against AAD, as part of that request it will provide the redirect URI it wants. Again the resource identifier is the thing you want to access.

When you get errors during the upgrade process, just copy the error message along with the error code. 0x80073712 error occurs when the file needed by Windows 10 is missing or corrupted.

This is a list of common errors you might face when trying to integrate your application with Azure AD and the most likely causes for it. Another example is when you test your app in localhost, everything works but then you publish it and change the URL. Otherwise you would usually get an error at compilation time or something else.

As you can see, in most cases the root causes are usually strings that don’t match. This is telling that you are asking access to something but you didn’t tell what.

By default, the certificate that installed with Exchange Server 2010 is self-signed.

It's generally a best practice to use certificates from trusted third-party certification authorities (CA).

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