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Verifiably in-range operations are often preferable to treating out-of-range values as an error condition because the handling of these errors has been repeatedly shown to cause denial-of-service problems in actual applications.The quintessential example is the failure of the Ariane 5 launcher, which occurred because of an improperly handled conversion error that resulted in the processor being shut down [Lions 1996].I am doing a lab for an intro programming class I have to make sure that an integer is entered.I thought this would do it but when I put in a letter it repeats in an endless loop.These extra hidden characters are what is messing with your input and spawning the infinite while loop.Luckily, I was able to parse through the extra characters one-by-one and get something working. It has a parameter which is a way to detect the first character that didn't convert properly.If this is anything other than the end of the string, then you have a problem.

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Note that this function chooses to discard all the remaining input on the line.

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I found this solution in another post My prof posted this Im not sure how it helps but I thought it might help someone To make sure that a user-input number is an integer you can use the notion of casting.

Casting is a way to tell C to treat a variable as if it were a variable of a different type.

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