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By allowing the audience to experience vicariously the ordinariness of Carol’s life, we can empathize with her solitude.

For years, Carol had never seriously considered dating and remarriage, though her friends remind her it’s not for lack of interest on the part of others.

Blythe Danner still has a love-hate relationship with New York City, where she lived with her husband, Bruce Paltrow (dad of Gwyneth and Jake), until he died in 2002. “A poet wrote, ‘The edge softens, but it never leaves.’” And there are a lot of memories to contend with.

“We met here,” she said at a recent benefit for the Williamston Theater at the Puck Building.

“I was in a show he produced that lasted two weeks.

And we were walking home one night and went to a fortune-teller on a lark in the Fifth Avenue Hotel,” she told New York. We weren’t even dating.” Yet in the end, she says, it’s the city that keeps her going.

My wife and I both wanted to throw this movie at some passerby.His interests in music developed at a young age and he formed his first band, The Rocking Honkies, while he was attending the prepatory Exeter Cathedral School. It received the Best British Album Award at the 2001 Brit Awards and won the 2001 Grammy Award for best alternative music 2002. "Clocks" won record of the year and "In My Place" was named best rock performance by a duo or group with vocal.After continuing his studies at another independent school, Martin attended University College in London, where he graduated with a degree in Ancient World Studies. The album proved to be another success with songs including "In My Place," "Clocks" and "The Scientist," and the group went on a nine-month tour to North America, Europe and Australia. Since their early wave of success, Coldplay has continued to thrive.Mackintosh cited "unreasonable behaviour" as the reason and was soon pictured with new beau Hugo Taylor.“They had this conscious uncoupling which some people questioned and say, well what's that?

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