Error validating server certificate for google code dating a chinese woman in america

(The old certificate expired, and a new one was generated.) In particular, your Subversion client may have yelled about the certificate not being recognized: Error validating server certificate for'':- The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority.Use the fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!Software users generally do not need Subversion; typically they will download official file releases made available by the project instead.Developers should familiarize themselves with Subversion by reading Version Control with Subversion.Thawte is a large certifying authority, and it's very likely that the Open SSL libraries on your computer automatically trust any certificate signed by Thawte.I am running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and have a subversion server installed (with Apache).

Hello and thank you for your last outputs of the certutil.exe!By default the code browser will include a command for users to checkout the trunk of the repository.If a different default checkout location is preferred, this can be specified here.Here's a nice writeup of why you should consider using a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS), and a comparison of the major DVCSs: https:// Source provides the following features in its Subversion offering: The following options are available, under the "Admin" section in the left sidebar of your repository: Specify here a space delimited list of filename extensions that should be viewable in the browser (ie., plain-text files) The code browser typically will be refreshed automatically when there's a new change, but it can also be manually refreshed if necessary Specific permissions for the repository can be configured here.Fine-grained permissions controls are not supported (e.g.

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