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DMX's answering machine is legendary According to a Redditor aptly named Bob Doles Potato, he obtained rap legend DMX's phone number from a friend of his roommate's mom who slept with him -- and his answering message was just him barking (!!! In his alleged Cruise encounter, the star donned a body suit, and had a wrestling mat that the two promptly used to engage in some Greco-Roman power moves (according to Barresi, they would later engage in some heavy butt play and masturbation).

"I hear they call you Big Red," Cruise supposedly whispered to the rentboy mid-wrestle.

After working for other dating companies, D found that most dating coaches are “con artists,” and he's one of the few who's actually a licensed doctor.

Draining the last dregs of a pint too many, barking a final petulant one liner and then storming off up the exit stairs of a nightclub at about am: this is, even for men my age, seemingly not an untypical end to a Friday night out.

Judging by my friendship circle, this exact scenario plays out roughly once every other month between almost all couples – and I'm almost 36, not 16.

When Andrew Marcus, the 27-year-old CEO and founder of My Tennis, was in need of a new tennis pro for his sports coaching startup in 2013, he immediately logged on to Linked In.

He was cruising members with the proper credentials when he happened upon Rosalia Lopez de Alda, a 26-year-old professional tennis player with the Women’s Tennis Association — the same group to which Serena and Venus Williams belong.

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    A few other songs that made deep impact outside the walls of radio, "Our Great God (featuring Rebecca St. " and heartfelt "The One That You Want" round out this project.