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After all, in any other area of life, you wouldn’t hesitate to seek expert advice, and that’s what pickup artists (PUAs) offer.They are men If you are already familiar with the name Neil Strauss, then it is probably because of his New York Times bestselling book The Game, which detailed his infiltration of the pickup scene.I acquired this information simply by researching online and asking around.

How about learning from someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to women?As I said in a previous post “Veganism without politicization only yields de-contexualized diets.” If you know of other black vegans that are not listed, please comment with their name and bio.If you’re frustrated with the routine exclusion of black folks from these spaces, then share, share, author of the new novel Scars: A Black Lesbian Experience in Rural White New England.Joshua Pellicer is an experienced, well-known name in the world of the pick-up artist.As Josh explains on his site, he started out as just an ordinary guy looking for advice on how to get women.

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