Kerri from secret friends

The actor was distracted mid-sentence by his adorable four-year-old daughter in the middle of the red carpet interview and instantly picked her up for a hug.

He’s not going to be one of those guys who come out in the league because he cares too much about that. And those all ring true for Kerri Walsh Jennings, a three-time Olympic gold medalist in beach volleyball who has the third most all-time victories.But when we met her at an Almond Breeze event recently (she’s a spokesperson, and a fan of the unsweetened vanilla flavor), we left describing her with a new adjective: Zen. You can look at the photos and see were clearly together. He’s lying because he’s trying to protect his free agency. His teammates said I had a great personality and encouraged me to be on TV. Russell: Well, I was the first gay man Kerry was with publicly. But you would see guys with a lot of male assistants who always surrounded themselves with men but it wasn’t openly discussed. Yes he actually text me like “Hey baby, can you just not say anything about all this” but that’s what I don’t like. That’s why I put him out there because he came for me. He wanted me to have a reality show because he said I was destined for it.

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